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Sage Lodge is excited to announce a partnership with Sage Fly Fishing, an innovative, world-class manufacturer of performance fly fishing equipment for the Sage Perfect Setup Demo Program.

Sage’s Perfect Setup Demo Program offers anglers an unparalleled fishing adventure using exceptional equipment. Try out Sage’s latest and greatest rods and reels, all the while honing your angling skills on some of the American West’s greatest trout waters near Sage Lodge.

Sage has put together Perfect Setups for all the different types of fishing on the various waters in the Paradise Valley area, and guests will have access to personal sets of outfits for their stay. From terrestrial and streamer fishing out of a drift boat on the Yellowstone to delicate presentations to spooky fish with tiny dry flies on DePuy Spring Creek, to pocket water nymphing on small creeks in Yellowstone National Park, we’ve assembled the right tools for the jobs at hand. 

The Perfect Setups are issued in pairs – two rod, reel and line setups per fishery/location – and feature Sage’s premier rods and reels. The Perfect Setup Demo Program is a great way to test out Sage’s new equipment while at the same time avoiding having to travel with equipment from home.

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The Perfect Setups

Each of the three fishing venues visited while at the Sage Lodge present anglers with a variety of fishing situations, and several different techniques are utilized. Having the right equipment to match the different tactics is paramount, so Sage Fly Fishing has assembled the Perfect Setups for each fishery.

Yellowstone River

  • Dry Fly & Dry-Dropper: 590-4 X, SPECTRUM LT 5/6, RIO Perception
    • When fishing small to medium dry flies or attractors like blue wing olives, caddis, Wulffs, Trudes, etc., the 590-4 X paired with a RIO Perception fly line excels. This outfit generates enough line speed to cut through the infamous Paradise Valley breezes, while offering accuracy and delicacy to present to rising fish.
  • Terrestrial/Big Bug/Streamer: 691-4 IGNITER, SPECTRUM MAX 5/6, RIO Grand & F/I StreamerTip
    • Summertime on the Yellowstone is hopper time, and the right tool for the job is a rod and line that can cast wind-resistant flies great distances, into the wind, with accuracy. The 691-4 IGNITER matched with a RIO Grand does just this. This setup also includes RIO’s Floating/Intermediate StreamerTip line, for use with streamer patterns.
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Yellowstone National Park

  • Dry Fly & Nymphing: 490-4 X, SPECTRUM LT 4/5, RIO Perception
    • Summertime in Yellowstone offers anglers a plethora of fishy, buggy water. The multi-application X rod is the best choice to employ both surface and subsurface presentations. The 490-4 is a perfect size for the water and fish to be encountered.
  • Pocket Water Dry Fly: 376-3 DART, CLICK 3/4/5, RIO Creek
    • Among Yellowstone’s wide variety of water types are smaller rivers and creeks where the casts aren’t long and water is covered quickly. In these situations, a short rod with a quick-shooting fly line is advantageous; the 7’6”, 3-weight DART rod, matched with RIO’s Creek line is our favorite.
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Paradise Valley Private Spring Creeks

  • Presentation Dry Fly: 490-4 TROUT LL, SPECTRUM LT 4/5, RIO Gold
    • When a hatch is in full-effect on the Spring Creeks, anglers need a tool that accurately and delicately delivers dry flies. The 490-4 TROUT LL rod does just that; its modern, moderate action ensures line control and soft presentations to finnicky trout.
  • Tight Quarters Dry Fly: 476-3 DART, CLICK 3/4/5, RIO Creek
    • There are areas of the Spring Creeks where the banks are high, trees or bushes are close behind, or the creek narrows. In these instances, a shorter rod is preferred. The 7’6”, 4-weight DART rod handles these situations with ease and RIO’s Creek line has a taper to make quick, accurate shots.
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What’s Included
Two rod, reel, line and tapered leader setups, packaged in a Sage Ballistic double case. Depending on the day’s fishing location, the appropriate pair of Perfect Setups are issued.

What’s Not Included
Terminal tackle such as tapered leaders, tippet, and flies are not included.


To reserve your Perfect Setup contact or call 855-400.0505.


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