aerial view of Sage Lodge aerial view of Sage Lodge

From the beginning, Sage Lodge was designed with the health of the Yellowstone River at the forefront. The use of the land as we have it leaves 300 acres along the shore in its undeveloped state, and the site of the Lodge was purposely set back significantly from the riverbank to allow the current state of the river bank to remain. The presence of our Montana luxury resort reinforces and amplifies the strongest conservation method in the area, which is an economy and a river that thrive together.

Sage Lodge supports the conservation efforts and, in turn, helps the health of the entire river, not just the one and a half beautiful miles within our property. Over time, our efforts and influence on the property will be of a restorative nature, continually improving the ecosystem, as opposed to putting further pressure on it. Sage Lodge actively participates in the conservation community supporting the entire watershed surrounding our Yellowstone lodging.


Distinctive Montana hospitality amidst rugged beauty on the banks of the Yellowstone River.

Sage Lodge and pond at dusk
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